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Back To Basics 4 Life Fitness is a registered NDIS provider with ample experience in supporting participants to face challenges and improve their quality of life.

We aim to motivate, inspire and educate with all programs tailored to suit individual needs. Together, we can work towards improving daily life skills and increasing one’s community participation. 

NDIS Services & Registration Groups

  • Exercise physiology & personal training: Improve your health and wellbeing with a NDIS registered personal trainer. 
  • Development-Life skills: Focus on developing and training your life skills so you can live autonomously.
  • Participate Community: We can assist you to build your skills so you can actively participate in the community and engage in activities such as social outings, holidays and camps. 
  • Innovative Community Participation: We can help you build your skills so you can actively participate in the community. 
  • Group/ Centre activities: We can support you in learning new skills which involve socialising with other people. 
  • Assist-Life Stage, Transition: A focus on strengthening your ability to coordinate your support-system and assist you to live at home and participate in your community.
  • Assist-Personal Activities: Our team can assist you with daily living such as personal hygiene activities, meal preparation, cleaning or gardening. 
  • Assist-Travel/ Transport: Our team can assist and support your transportation needs so you can safely travel and participate within the community. 

NDIS participants will benefit from improved balance and mobility, weight control, social and life skills and most importantly, a new-found confidence within themselves. 

Our Support Workers

We understand that when you have extra obstacles to overcome, it is imperative to work with a coach that you trust and who exudes positivity. Our support workers are experts when it comes to NDIS personal health, wellbeing, training, nutrition and emotional support.

Exercise phys for NDIS Participants 

No matter your limitations, we believe physical activity is important for everyone. For those with a disability, we understand that exercise can seem overwhelming and incredibly difficult – especially at a public gym. Our intimate studio limits class sizes so you can feel completely at ease, and we also offer one on one training for those who would like a completely private session. 

An NDIS registered personal trainer is the perfect solution to assist you in reaching your goals. Let us help you today!

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