Exercise for kids: Toddler, Primary Aged + Teenage Fitness Classes VIC

Active kids are healthy kids!

It’s time to put away the phone and tablet – Get Exercise for Kids in our personal studio!

We’re committed and passionate about getting children outdoors and active again, not only within the studio – but also at community events and schools.

We encourage interactive play and fitness with your children, even while you are training! We will teach your kids from early on that fitness is fun and we will teach them that healthy eating can be yummy too!

We often create games for your kids to teach them the importance of eating healthy food and offer exercise for kids that they will enjoy. The children will be rewarded with healthy icy poles, and learn how to make them at home for themselves!

Children often learn from example, so it’s a great idea to bring them along and expose them to a fun fitness environment – to ensure they will grow up with a strong, healthy mind-set which values an active lifestyle.

We treat your family like our own – and greatly value the relationships we have formed with our mums, dads and bubs!

How Back to Basics 4 Life encourages Exercise for Kids

Exercise for Toddlers

Have you been googling ‘toddler gym near me’ or ‘gyms with childcare near me’? The Back to Basics 4 Life Fitness studio caters to both of these categories! We offer a crèche section for your little ones so whilst mum and dad workout, we take the opportunity to teach your children about the importance of having fun and getting active. Physical activities for pre-schoolers aim to introduce interactive and fun play in a light-hearted environment. Being a kid-friendly gym is of utmost importance to our team whose values are family-centric.

Exercise for Primary-aged children

Our gym classes for kids extend to school-aged children who would like to learn how to keep an active and healthy lifestyle. At this age, children understand the importance of kid’s fitness and exercise for kids so we like to maintain their enthusiasm by playing active games and teaching them how to make their own healthy delicious treats. Whilst the Back to Basics 4 Life Fitness studio is a gym for kids as much as for adults, we can even facilitate kid’s fitness classes outside of the gym at our local schools.

Exercise for teens and tweens

Back to Basics 4 Life Fitness is also a gym for teenagers and tweens! Learning to train properly using the correct form during these teen and tween years helps to reduce the likelihood of injury later in life. We recommend teenagers who have never trained before join us for a 1 on 1 personal training consultation or group training class so we can teach you all the fitness tools you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle in the long-term. We even offer boxing for teens! Fit kids are happy kids – and learning to work out whilst studying can offer greater self-confidence.


All children are welcome to our studio!
While mum or dad are keeping fit in one of our group Personal Training sessions,
bubs can play away in our kid-friendly play corner,
under our supervision.


We can provide weekly exercise for kids so they learn
the importance of keeping active, and how to eat healthy.
Before you know it, they’ll be coming home to teach mum and dad
how to live a healthier, happier lifestyle!


The team at Back to Basics For Life Fitness conduct Active Kids
training programs at local schools and community centres. We can come
to you to teach your students the importance of eating healthy,
and living an active lifestyle.

Mother and bub working together to stay fit and healthy with exercise for kids program combined

Two toddlers sitting down and eating healthy snacks whilst parents workout in personal gym studio

Little toddler colouring in on floor whilst mother works out and gets some personal me time in fitness studio

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