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Shane before and after weight loss and fitness photos

Shane recently decided to become a teacher, and wanted to be able to practice what he preaches to his future students. Wanting to be a role model for young adults, he came to see us so we could help him with his fitness and overall health. He ultimately wanted to gain more confidence and raise his self-esteem. Shane’s goal of becoming a fit, confident and healthy teacher was certainly realised when we assisted him to lose over 25kgs in 2019! Well done Shane, we are very proud of your hard work and achievements!

Shane’s Testimonial

February 2018 I hit 100kg. After seeing my girlfriend attend Shadi’s sessions and the progress she made, I figured I should make a change. Shadi set a goal to work towards and with her guidance, routines and a solid and satisfying diet plan I’ve been able to keep myself in gear and shed 18kgs. Alongside the weight loss I’ve been building muscles I never knew I had and developed a healthy lifestyle without feeling like I’ve had to sacrifice anything. I even look forward to my sessions as highlights of my week and wish I had time to do more. She brings a great price, amazing attitude and the equipment is fantastic. I couldn’t be happier my girlfriend convinced me to go.