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Bianca before and after fitness photos and weight loss journey

Bianca joined us on our four-week program and she couldn’t believe how small alterations to her diet and lifestyle could have such a huge impact on her overall health and wellbeing. After noticing such big positive changes after only four weeks, this motivated her to continue eating healthy and training with us. She learnt that with the aid of the right trainer to provide simple meal plans and exercise routines, it makes the process achievable and fun! Well done on all your efforts Bianca!

Bianca’s Testimonial

Back To Basic 4 Life Fitness has changed my life! It took me 5 years to get back into training after children and I’m so glad I made that change. Instead of always being tired and lethargic I now have a spring in my step.

Great place for mums and bubs. My kids love coming and participating. And as for Shadi, she goes well and truly above and beyond. She is very motivating, knowledgeable and her programs are never repetitive so you don’t lose motivation. Highly recommend her.