In this busy climate, online coaching has become a very popular training choice for many people who want to take their fitness seriously, but lack the time to attend one-on-one or small group personal training sessions in the flesh.

Online coaching offers you the flexibility to workout in your own time, with the guidance and support of an online fitness coach. This service is even extended to those who live locally, but can’t always make our sessions. We’re happy to do the majority of your coaching online, with face to face appointments scheduled at certain checkpoints, so we can assess your progress. This way – you can get the best of both!

Online Coaching Inclusions

  • 7 day training program, customised to your individual goals.
  • Customised nutritional program – tailor-made to your lifestyle and work routine.
  • Weekly contact with one of our trainers so we can track your progress.
  • Always on call and text access to answer all your exercise and nutritional questions.
  • Setting achievable monthly goals and tracking them with weigh-ins, progress photos and measurements.

Kritz’ Testimonial

Shadi has helped me achieve my fitness goal through her online coaching program and I’m so happy I did it!

Throughout my journey she constantly messaged or called me every week to touch base to ensure that I was still eating properly and training correctly. Shadi always reminded me that I still had to keep going to reach my goals and both diet and exercise were critical in achieving them.

Being an online client, I had to motivate myself to push through everything Shadi gave me to reach my fitness goal however, she made it very easy for me to keep motivated and was always there to remind me of why I started my journey in the first place. She was always asking how my eating was going, how my training was going and just when I would slack off a bit I would get a call or message where she would actually catch me off guard and ask all the right questions to put me back on track!

If you’re thinking about working with Shadi online or in person I would say go for it!! She is definitely motivational when it comes to online coaching and she will not let you give up!!!

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