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Are you ready to commit to your health and fitness goals? Doing it alone can set you up for failure. We know as we have helped hundreds of clients achieve their goals by being with them each step of the way.

Here at Back to Basics 4 Life Fitness, we also offer a wide range of packages so you can find the fitness program right for you. 

Whether you want online at your own pace training, LIVE Zoom sessions or in-person personal training packages, we’ve got you!

BONUS: In-person clients get access to all online and in-person features.

Tailored Packages

We offer a range of packages to suit your lifestyle and goals.

Over 200+ workouts

Our clients get access to our PT Hub App with over 200+ workouts and resources.

Custom Nutrition Plan

All of our recurring subscriptions include a FREE customised nutrition plan.

Choose an option that suits you

Want to achieve your health and fitness goals but can’t seem to find a trainer to meet your busy schedule?

Online LIVE Personal Training with our personalised training app

Whether you are a shift worker, busy mum or have a lot on your plate, we want to make achieving your goals that bit easier.

Our Online Packages allow you the flexibility to attend LIVE sessions if you can at any time during your plan. However, if you can’t – you will still get access to the recorded sessions for you to enjoy. PLUS over 200+ exercises in our personal training at your own pace library.

Your online at your own pace personal training package options:

Online Small Group Fitness: this gives you access to our small group fitness classes recorded sessions. If for some reason you are available, your cost includes the ability to register to attend LIVE events where possible and at your full discretion.

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Online Coaching (once-off): this gives you access to try one of our online small group weekly fitness classes, plus get access to our extensive workout library and recorded exercises.

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Ready to get active and enjoy a fun and welcoming environment?

Our online Zoom Small Group fitness sessions may be what you are looking for.

Online LIVE Personal Training with our personalised training app

You can choose to have your camera on so the personal trainer can correct you (should the need arise during the exercise), or off if you prefer to enjoy the routine without it.

Watch LIVE and interact with your personal trainer in this fun environment.

You’ll be asked to mute yourself during the session. Afterwards, the personal trainer will invite those who want to ask questions to stay back so they can talk with you or arrange another time. This is ideal to complete your nutritional plan that is customised to you and your goals.

The trainer can also help you with questions around exercises and the app features such as logging your meals, finding recipes, adding exercise logs, progress photos etc.

Your small group fitness LIVE online options:

Online LIVE Small Group Fitness: this gives you access to LIVE small group fitness classes.

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Online LIVE Coaching (once-off): this gives you a chance to try once-off for a week our online small group fitness classes.

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Get individual and tailored sessions to meet your health and fitness goals.

If for some reason you are not able to attend your in-person session you’ll still have access to our online session offering, plus workouts via our client PT Hub app.

Our sessions are Family Friendly as we have child caring facilities in our exclusive studio in the North-Eastern suburb of Melbourne.

LIVE 1:1 individual personal sessions personal training in-person Melbourne

Your 1:1 Individual personal training session options:

1x 1 hour session

2x 1 hour sessions

3x 1 hour sessions


Meet likeminded people and get active at the same time.

Interactive and welcoming environment for all fitness levels. Family friendly!

A group of people training together in person for small group PT fitness in North East Melbourne

Located in the North-Eastern suburb of Melbourne in our exclusive studio.

Your in-person small group fitness session option:

Weekly Subscription

Are you a couple? Besties? Or want to help each other with the cost of having a personal trainer? Our 2:1 in-person personal training sessions may be what you are looking for.

2:1 in person personal training sessions

These sessions run in our exclusive North-Eastern Melbourne suburb studio location.

Note, as with all our in-person sessions, you also have access to our online offering.

Your 2:1 in-person training session options:

1x 1 hour 2:1 session

2x 1 hour 2:1 session

3x 1 hour 2:1 session

Maybe you want both? That’s entirely okay. You have to enjoy variety after all when it comes to your exercise regime.

A male getting ready for his workout online or in-person at a studio

With these plans you’ll be able to enjoy small group fitness sessions plus 1:1 sessions. Note, these options are for in-person, but can also be opted in for online if you need.

In-person sessions are run at our North-Eastern Melbourne suburb exclusive studio on location.

Your small group fitness and 1:1 session options:

1x group and 1:1

2x group and 1:1

Unlimited Plan

Introducing our new home workout bundle. Not only can you exercise from the comfort of your home with our LIVE, and or recorded small group fitness sessions – but you’ll also receive an at home workout package to get you moving.

At Home Workout Bundle Package for personal training at home

Bundle includes:

A 50+ workout booklet

3x Booty Bands (strength: light, medium and hard)

2x Long Body Bands (strength: medium and hard)

1x pair of slide discs

And a nifty B2B storage bag.

PLUS access to our B2B PT Hub App with more workouts and features. 

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All clients get access to our exclusive B2B PT Hub App

Whether you are an in-person, at your own pace or online client, you’ll gain access to our exclusive B2B PT Hub App.

Shadi De Bartolo with B2B PT Hub App

We have made the app for Android and iPhone (iOs) devices. You can also access the Hub on desktop.

Features of our exclusive app include (more coming):

  • Virtual small group fitness sessions
  • Custom nutritional plan
  • Custom training program
  • Access to over 200+ exercises
  • Assigned to a qualified trainer
  • Goal setting
  • Par-Q test
  • Macros counting
  • Log meals daily
  • Chat to your trainer via app
  • Access to recorded live training sessions
  • See your results weekly or monthly
  • PT in your pocket
  • Book sessions online

Need guidance with choosing the right plan?