Active kids are healthy kids!

It’s time to put away the phone and tablet and bring the kids along to the Back to Basics 4 Life Fitness Studio!

We’re committed and passionate about getting children outdoors and active again, not only within the studio – but also at community events and schools.

We encourage interactive play and fitness with your children, even while you are training! We will teach your kids from early on that fitness is fun and we will teach them that healthy eating can be yummy too! We often create games for your kids to teach them the importance of eating healthy food and exercise, and they will be rewarded with healthy icy poles, and learn how to make them at home for themselves!

Children often learn from example, so it’s a great idea to bring them along and expose them to a fun fitness environment – to ensure they will grow up with a strong, healthy mind-set which values an active lifestyle.

We treat your family like our own – and greatly value the relationships we have formed with our mums, dads and bubs!


All children are welcome to our studio!
While mum or dad are keeping fit in one of our group Personal Training sessions,
bubs can play away in our kid-friendly play corner,
under our supervision.


We can provide weekly teachings to your kids so they learn
the importance of keeping active, and how to eat healthy.
Before you know it, they’ll be coming home to teach mum and dad
how to live a healthier, happier lifestyle!


The team at Back to Basics For Life Fitness conduct Active Kids
training programs at local schools and community centres. We can come
to you to teach your students the importance of eating healthy,
and living an active lifestyle.

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